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Our house had a rather ho-hum feeling with a slight undercurrent of sadness running through it when we first bought it. To remedy this, we asked Louanne for advice. She became the catalyst for a remarkable transformation. Louanne began by drawing the property to scale.  She included scale pieces of furniture. which we found much easier to move about on paper than lugging the actual items around the rooms. Louanne also taught us about color and element representations (water, metal, wood, fire).  She suggested hues and placement to generate particular feelings in each respective room. In the end, the final effect has been well received by all---from us to decorators and visitors alike. Moreover, we find ourselves spending more time at home as we enjoying its warmth and tranquility. Louanne's gift is her ability to see how truly remarkable a home can become and then show how to make it a reality at a very modest cost.

John Hutcheson & Elma Rios


My experience with Louanne changing the energy and flow in my Herb Shop * Healing Center in Holly Springs continues to delight and surprise me. Her quiet and serene demeanor allowed me to express what I thought I was looking for without judgement.  But more importantly, she actually got down with the work of moving shelves and furniture until the Shop carried a new fresh feeling of openness and joy. Even though the major portion of the Feng Shui happened a few years ago, I still get customers commenting on how GOOD it feels in the Shop. Louanne is very gifted and creative in taking a small space and making what's in it jump- off -the- page, so to speak. Last week, I even had a customer who hadn't been in for awhile, ask if there was a new ownership. The Shop looked THAT different to him. The business itself has increased both in customer base and finances. Life is good. Thank you Louanne!

Sally Parsons
Herb Shop * Healing Center
Holly Springs, GA


I would highly recommend Louanne Howard as a Feng Shui Consultant. 

Louanne is not only professional in her dealings with clients, she also has the knack of making you feel relaxed and comfortable in her presence – which I believe is especially important when you have someone working throughout your home.  We have known Louanne for almost 20 years, yet when the consultation began she took the time to ask questions to get to know me as if we had just met.  I felt this was very beneficial as we usually know people on one level as friends or associates, and this consultation started, as it should, from a fresh perspective.

My Feng Shui consultation took place in May of 2011.  Some of the goals I had were increased income for my husband’s business, more focus for myself on health and well-being, and to become more organized (less of a clutter maker).

Since that time, my husband has increased the number of clients he has to an all-time high (which does increase our income).  I have added more exercise to my life which has lowered my cholesterol level and makes me feel good in general.  While I still tend to clutter, I am also de-cluttering throughout the house and opening up spaces that were previously too full of “stuff”.

There has been a change in the overall feeling of our home and property since our Feng Shui consultation.  When we enter our house there is a feeling of “Ahhhh”, where before we were simply coming home.  We thoroughly enjoyed our home before and were always happy to come home, but there is now the added ‘Ahhhh’ factor.  When things do start to clutter up and impede the ‘Ahhhh’ factor – we fix it.  Something that did not happen very quickly in the past!

While the Feng Shui consultation basically took place in the house, the benefits have spilled over into the landscape.  We are cleaning up and uncluttering that too!  This is giving us the ‘Ahhhh’ factor as we drive up!

I am very happy we had Louanne as our Feng Shui consultant and have been extremely happy with the results. 

I will be happy to be a reference for her at any time.


Betsy B.
Cumming, Georgia


The wealth and abundance corner of my house is missing.  It is actually a small garden area that had not been thriving.  This morning my friends and I completed the upgrade of this area using Louanne's suggestions.  This afternoon my lunch date surprised me by paying an astronomical sum for one of my recent paintings!  And today as well, someone I met briefly went to the trouble to find my phone number so he could ask me out.  Just do what Louanne says and your life will be miraculous, and probably a lot more fun!

Susie S.
Hilton Head Is., SC


“ Louanne has done her feng shui ‘magic’ on both my home in Atlanta as well as my mountain cabin. I had no idea what to expect from it, but I have to say, I have seen absolute miracles since it was finished! My business has doubled and I have a new, fantastic relationship. Everything just seems to be easier. She did all this using things I already had but placed in innovative ways I wouldn’t have thought about.”

Love you!


"Louanne Howard is great for helping one to acheive the balance needed in your home or office with her Feng Shui knowledge and perception.
She can place what you need to have in any area that is lacking. Her way of just doing it, aka, move it and then look at it, is amazing. Things you wouldn't dream of putting in these places, she just does it! She gets the energy moving and flowing , and then your world starts changing immediately, so get ready and get rested, because the energy is full force!
She plants the right seeds to get your garden of life growing in the right direction, which is always towards the light!"
P. McDonald, a living testimony!


On Sunday January 23rd Louanne walked us through a vision board session to work on things we wanted and needed. I had nothing on my vision board about my job and I was looking to change jobs. So, on Thursday January 27th I got laid off from my job. Louanne wanted to come and feng shui our house and I was very skeptical! After Louanne worked on our house enhancing the career, fame and reputation and wealth areas I got a job 3 weeks later that I really wanted.

Jim H. Cumming, GA

I am writing to tell you how good it feels to go into our house in Buckhead after you were there and gave us all the good suggestions on what we should do to make it more appealing to potential buyers.

We had our mothers with us for three weeks after you were there so we didn't go back to the house for a while. We have done most all the things you suggested and have had a lot of great comments about how it looks and about how warm and inviting it is.

Our realtor called us last night and said that she thinks she has someone who wants to buy it.
We are very thankful to you for all your help and suggestions.

Our most heartfelt thanks,

Ron and Kay A. - Georgia


Louanne is very intuitive and feels the energy of the house and the land. She worked with the items in our house and put them in the right place to enhance the energy. I spent a minimal amount of money!

The energy in the house felt vacant since we had staged the house to sell. I felt hopeless and unfocused. Since Louanne worked on our home it feels more welcoming and supportive. I am sleeping better and I am more focused and happy. I can make decisions easily and I am getting rid of the clutter in the garage. I see positive changes in my relationships with my family and even the dog is calmer!

Thanks, Louanne!

Colleen H. Cumming, GA


Thank you so much for the Feng Shui session you did at my home. Working with you was such a pleasure. I have been experiencing many shifts in the energy of the house as well as how I function in the various spaces.

My home was transformed by your Feng Shui session immediately! After you left I felt so grounded in the space. I never knew how 'off center' this house was built. After you balanced the shape of the outside it has felt so different. I even slept more peacefully than usual that night. It has made me want to stay home more often.

Working in my home office the next day, I found myself more focused all day.
I went through my list of projects without being distracted and completed things efficiently. We made such subtle changes in that room but the impact was anything but subtle!

And lastly, my relationship to men has been activated in the most fun way.

Men are flirting with me more and smiling and saying hello. Thanks for shifting the relationship areas in my home. Such simple solutions using the things I already owned but reconfiguring how and where they were positioned.

Very exciting and productive process.
Your knowledge and intuition of this art have changed my life.

I can't wait to recommend you to others for help.
With gratitude,

Gale T. - Georgia


I have never really given much thought to what energy is in my office even though I work with energy but did know that it wasn't good that the room behind my office was an electrical room and EMF waves were probably radiating thru the wall.

My office is a place where people come to talk and be socialable through out the day and work can get hectic, tense and often stressful at any given moment. That's considered normal in the IT industry. Peaceful one minute and something breaks the next requiring focus to be put on fixing and resolving the nature of the problem. One gets use to this any crisis moment type of work.

The second Louanne entered my office she said she could fell the stress and tension in the office. I work in it every day so I'm accusomed to this energy and don't notice it or give it any attention. I didn't really notice the difference  until we came back that afternoon to apply the second coat of paint on the back wall. When we opened the door, I could feel a difference in the room. A peaceful, serene feeling. It's like the energy calmed down.

Since this change my work has evened out, less stressful moments: like the Universe calmed down also. Staff stop and gaze at the room and offer compliments of how peaceful it feels and just scans the room with amazement. They, too, feel the difference. Work is less stressful and more gets talked thru and implemented without the emotion we engaged in before. I seem to get more done with much less stress and aggravation. I actually enjoy entering and working out of my office now because I know it offers peace and haromony to all that come in to talk and work with me. I love it!

Thank you, Louanne, for tranforming my office into a solitude of peace so more work can get done. I'm sure it has made a difference in my attiude when I come home. I feel less stressed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Keep up the great work!

Jerry H. - Georgia