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Why you should have a Space Clearing and Home Blessing?

Negative emotions such as sadness, stress, confusion, depression, fear and anger can build up in our homes resulting in blockages and disharmony in our lives.
These emotions are  left not only by us, but also by others – our loved ones and our friends, and also by the previous occupants of the home.

  Clearing the negative energy from a broken relationship or a messy divorce are always beneficial and can make an amazing difference.

  Clearing the energy of the previous occupants - If you have moved into a home where the previous owners had to sell because of money problems, went through a divorce or some other type of trauma or sickness; it is important to have the energy cleared.  History tends to repeat itself, and chances are you will inherit some of the problems of the previous occupants.

If you are purchasing a foreclosure, by all means – have the home cleared!

Before moving into a new home – start fresh, why inherit someone else’s problems or misfortune.

Selling or renting your home – It is important to release and clear your energy from the home to allow room for a new occupant and their energy.

New opportunities – feeling stuck in a relationship or a job or just wanting to move forward in your life?  New opportunities can be created with a space clearing.

Something not feeling quite right in your space?  A space clearing will remedy the situation, bringing in new energy.

Space clearing works on many levels.  The intangible and the tangible.  The seen and the unseen.  The results can be amazing.  If you are even the least bit uncertain about your space, chances are you need a Space Clearing and Home Blessing.